Easy as 1-2-3

Expresso's revolutionary user interface rethinks the checkout process.

Gorgeous Design

With carefully thought-out design, Expresso looks and feels great on any device.

Easy Setup

Customizing your drinks has never been easier. Along with the seamless checkout process, Expresso allows users to pick and choose exactly what is going into their drink.

Bridging The Gap

Expresso offers employees an experience similar to an in-person checkout: a customer profile photo, gratuity indication, as well as personalized ordering.


Employees should be happy too

With Expresso's fully-optimized Barista app, exployees have new tools that have never been seen before including:

Time alerts

Employees are now able to give customers order updates. When their order is currently sitting on the counter, employees can send a push notification to alert customers.

Order history

Need to revisit a previous order?
With order history, finding that past order is only a tap away!

Awesome Features

Expresso is jam-packed with features that make checking out a breeze!

Seamless Checkout

Expresso focuses on making checkout a breeze. Find your favorites instantly and pick it up while it's hot.

Drink Specific Customizations

Want some whipped cream on your hot chocolate? Or maybe some extra caramel in your favorite drink? Each drink has specific customization options that are readily available.



Do you have an item that you get every single morning? With favorites, checking out is only three taps away.

Venmo Integration

For existing Venmo users, your credit card will be waiting for you on checkout. Don't have a Venmo account? No problem! Users are able to enter in credit cards without registration so you can have your order right on time.

Made in SLO.

Expresso was originally pitched by Bill Trammel at StartUp Weekend 2013, San Luis Obispo. After gathering team members, the team had 54 hours to create a viable product. Expresso was then born, taking second place in the competition. Our team currently consists of nine Cal Poly students: Cameron Oelsen, Colton Stapper, Tyler Dahl, David Sexton, Eli Burch, Matt Steinhardt, Matt Bowers, and Kendall Spector. Our team also includes two Cal Poly alumni, Michael Dewitt and Bill Trammel.